Your Questions

What types of Palm trees do you have?

We ONLY sell a Windmill Palm, also called Trachycarpus Fortunei. It is a fan palm with the leaves with the long petiole bare except for two rows of small spines, terminating in a rounded fan of numerous leaflets.

Do you provide Palm trees installation?

Yes, we help install a Palm tree and give you a list of recommendations to care about it afterward.

How do you plant a palm tree?

Depending on the size and type of tree, we use a crane. Crane service is required for most of our orders because the trees are far too massive for people to lift. If you buy palm trees from Palm trees Canada, each tree has a varying height that requires the assistance of machine installation.

We use a strap to suspend the trees from the crane. While still attached to the crane, we straighten the trees to be planted perfectly vertical and in line with each other.

Trees are planted using a lot of water. This ensures that there are no air pockets by the roots and helps the tree make the transition with minimal shock. Collapsing the air pockets while still attached to the crane also helps retain the palm’s vertical appearance.

Do you deliver?

Palm Trees Canada is happy to help with the delivery of your palms within the Lower Mainland. The method of transportation used throughout the order will depend on the size of the tree and will alter the cost of the final order. Please inquire about delivery fees.

What is the size of the Palm trees you have?

Tree sizes are from 5 to 18 feet high. Usually, we have a wide range of different sizes, but contact us to know the details at 778-848-0036

Can I come and choose a Palm Tree myself?

Yes, you can come to our place and choose your perfect Palm tree at our nursery in the Art Knapp Surrey Garden center. See the exact location and hours of work here.

Can I pick a Palm tree up myself?

For most of our orders, we deliver the palm trees to the buyer’s location, but some customers prefer to arrange their own transportation. If this is the case, we will load the trees onto the flat-bed using our heavy machinery. Homeowners benefit from letting us arrange delivery because it simplifies the process.

Is shipping available across Canada?

Yes, we do deliver our Palm Trees across Canada. Prices are dependent on the overall height of the tree. Please call us here 778-848-0036 or contact on email at

Why should I choose Palm Trees Canada?
  • We are locally owned & Operated
  • Prompt Project Completion
  • Dedicated to Client Satisfaction
  • Flexible Appointments Available
  • Our Windmill Palm Trees are in Stock and available any time

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